As the sun started to set, my apprehension heightened for the coming darkness. I knew that outside in the night would be a free for all of desperate people trying to hang on to some shred of hope that their families would be fed. I never had taken time before to put together a bug-out... Continue Reading →


Italian restaurant review

Today, the twists and turns of my path brought me to the doorstep of a small Italian restaurant. Typically, I don’t eat out alone, but the gnawing in my stomach had driven me to such lengths. As I walked over the stoop, I became aware that I must be the first customer of the day.... Continue Reading →

Natural mosquito repellent

One of my favorite parts about living in Texas is the awesome nature we have the privilege to be around. Living in the Dallas Fort Worth area gives access to multiple national parks, several within an hour’s drive. Sometimes though, it’s nice to just kick back and relax on the porch and soak up the... Continue Reading →

DIY natural dog treats

Like most dog owners, my puppy is my best friend. She’s kept me company through some of the very toughest times in life. I can’t think of a better way to show her how much I love her than to make her some healthy homemade treats! This recipe was super easy to make: 2 ½... Continue Reading →

DIY bath bombs

At the end of a long week, take some time to re-center yourself. For some, it might mean happy hour with friends, or a walk in the park. For me, it defiantly means a relaxing bath. Although I like bubble baths, bath bombs have become my newest obsession! They are sold in many stores but... Continue Reading →

healthy, natural smoothies

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know that when I have a really good energizing breakfast, it helps me feel more positive and ready to attack whatever obstacles I face. My go to morning smoothie is this one: Green morning smoothie 1 cup water 2 cups kale or leafy greens 1... Continue Reading →

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