Nothing Hurts

For the past few years I’ve been working in the operating room in a variety of hospitals with a wide spectrum of surgical specialties. People undergoing anesthesia remind me of intoxicated friends; whatever base emotions that exist are magnified, be it fear, anger or what have you. Recently my favorite patients to work with have... Continue Reading →


Rock Bottom

Due to present circumstances I’ve gotten myself into, I’ve had more time for introspection than I’d like. Yes, I could take up knitting. Yes, I could run some bullshit marathon. However, I’ve made a conscientious decision to waste my own time worrying about possible future situations because I must really enjoy it. Being a young... Continue Reading →

Adventure Awaits

Last week I answered the call of the wild and hopped on a flight to Alaska to visit a friend I hadn’t seen for a few years. Part of me loves that adrenaline that comes along with being on the verge of taking a risk; it feels hot in my veins and tingles in my... Continue Reading →

Pour Up, Drank.

I consciously uncoupled myself from my job on Monday. So, in the spirit of things, let’s have a drink! My favorite alcoholic beverages are those that are refreshingly citrus filled, very cold, and have just a hint of sweetness. Classic Pimm’s 50ml Pimm’s liquor 150 ml lemonade Fruit of choice Garnish Mix in a high... Continue Reading →

Set My Heart Ablaze

On October 8th, 1871, a great fire raged through several square miles of Chicago. Popular opinion still blames Blaze O’Leary, a tenant of the O’Leary barn for an incident which sparked the horrific flames. The rumors state that Blaze knocked over a lantern, setting the barn afire, and eventually leaving a hundred thousand people homeless.... Continue Reading →

Coffee Scrub

Ever since I was a wee lass, I’ve had a taste for dark coffee. To keep up with my hectic schedule, I habitually drink several cups of coffee to kick start my day with a few additional ones sprinkled through the late afternoon for a pick-me-up. This month I’m trying to cut down on chasing... Continue Reading →


Mr. Hahn resettles his feathers and raises a claw to admire his gold ring in the sun light. He polishes it on one of the fine linen napkins. A lackadaisical yawn erupts from his beak, with about as much enthusiasm as a dead volcano. A wing span away Julian Schwein is seated, turning his jowls... Continue Reading →

Food to Die for

The coffee splashed into my mug as he deftly poured, then set the half-filled pot back on the burner. I took a sip of the bitter brew while the arid heat wafted over my face. We both settled into our seats as I pulled out my recorder, switching it on. “So, Cerberus, people are dying... Continue Reading →


As the sun started to set, my apprehension heightened for the coming darkness. I knew that outside in the night would be a free for all of desperate people trying to hang on to some shred of hope that their families would be fed. I never had taken time before to put together a bug-out... Continue Reading →

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