A Flight of Fancy

As a region with exceptional biodiversity existing in a must see Mediterranean climate, Mount Olympus has been the birthplace of a plethora of lore and legends. It’s fifty-two peeks and many deep gorges are well known to make up the highest mountain in all of Greece. The incredible flora and fauna are fawned over as a World’s Biosphere Reserve, also a national park since 1938. It is therefore not surprising that the very gods themselves would decide to call Mount Olympus home.

The twelve Olympian gods are renowned to have met regularly in the Pantheon, led by Zeus, the god of thunder. They are not the only famous tenants, the nine muses also made their home on the northern foot of the mountain, and to this day they inspire artists of all mediums. Naturally, these two groups aren’t the only occupants of such a spacious, divine location. My favorite celebrity of Greek mythology is Pegasus; winged horse, warrior, executive chef.

I’ve flown to Greece for the seventy-third anniversary of Flight of Fancy, Pegasus’ three Michelin star Mediterranean fusion restaurant.  This interview finds me in a colorful, brightly lit dining room, empty of souls due to the early afternoon hour: here dinner guests are not seated until 1800.

“Pegasus, darling, it’s been far too long, how have you been?” We exchange quick pecks on either cheek, clasp hands, and perch on high stools in an intimate corner.

“Goodness, it’s been how many years? Where to start?” He exclaimed, letting out a whinny through his smile. “Well, how about starting with the new added star? Last time I was here you were a two, what’s your secret?”, I queried. “If I told you my secret, I’d have to deliver you straight to Hades” He laughed, “But honestly, though, I make what I love and I keep getting more yays than neighs, if you know what I mean!”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled for your success! What’s your most popular dish on the menu right now?”

“Hands down the most popular dish currently is our imitation Chimera, an olive oil glazed mix of lion, goat and snake on a bed of Lebanese rice.”

“Wow, that sounds incredible, what was your inspiration?

“Back in my college days, my buddy Bellerophon and I battled the Chimera, defeated it and feasted on its body for days. I wanted to bring the taste of victory to the consumer. I mostly try and eat vegan, but every now and then, I give in!”

“Understandable! I’ll have to try a bite! So, being in this prime location so close to the pantheon, do you have a favorite famous customer?”

“It’s hard to choose, but one of my favorite groups was some young men during WW II from the parachute troops. Later on, a group called the Red Devils came by too, it’s always an honor to serve fellow military heroes. Especially ones I inspired with my legends and likeness. The stories live on, you know?”

“I know what you mean, it is said that achieving immortality is impossible, but those who live on in the lore and legends of their loved ones will never die.”


Photo credit to https://unsplash.com/@chrislawton




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