Konjac Facial Sponge

From a young age, I suffered from skin problems but had little direction as to what would fix my acne. As I grew older, I started to exfoliate and use different face masks, which helped balance my issues to a point. However, the problem I started having with exfoliants was twofold; many tube exfoliants have ingredients which are not ecofriendly, and I still wasn’t satisfied completely with the results. Where could I find a product that was both completely natural and made my skin be the best it could be? Last year I discovered a product that answered all my prayers.

One of my close friends suggested I try a Konjac facial sponge for exfoliation. Naturally, I needed to do some research first before I applied something to my money maker. Konjac sponges are made solely from the Konnyaku plant, which is a native perennial that grows in Asia. Being entirely made of plant product, these sponges are both cruelty free and vegan while containing no colorants or harsh chemicals.

After doing the research and using this product myself, I decided this was something I could really get behind! There are many different types of Konjac sponges available, but what I like best is a pairing of the Original White Konjac Sponge and Activated Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge. The Original White sponge is 100% pure Konjac with no mysterious additives. The fine plant fibers gently cleanse away dirt and dead skin leaving you feeling bright and refreshed! This sponge is excellent for anyone but is defiantly a perfect choice for people with very sensitive skin and even children. The Activated Charcoal sponge removes excess oil and fights acne-causing bacteria, so I find it especially helpful for keeping my skin clear. In addition to using either sponge alone, you can also add your favorite facial cleanser instead of using a facial brush.

I chose to combine my two favorite sponges together to form a kick ass skin care team. Each sponge comes in a sanitary sealed bag with directions for use printed on the back. The duo comes inside a box made of recycled material for more biodegradable bonus points. I appreciate all the support I’ve received from everyone on here and my other social medial. In thanks, if you choose to purchase a sponge set, follow this link https://www.etsy.com/shop/EarthLemonade?coupon=THANKYOU123 to receive $2.00 off until September 6th!!


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