Natural mosquito repellent

One of my favorite parts about living in Texas is the awesome nature we have the privilege to be around. Living in the Dallas Fort Worth area gives access to multiple national parks, several within an hour’s drive. Sometimes though, it’s nice to just kick back and relax on the porch and soak up the sun or gaze up at the stars. In all this gorgeous natural bounty, who would want to be interrupted with unwelcome visitors? These plants won’t take care of the neighbors but you can blow those annoying mosquitoes a kiss goodbye by keeping these four plants in your outdoor areas!


Aside from being a tasty cooking ingredient, peppermint also repels adult mosquitoes! You can simply have them planted in areas you plan to spend time in or use peppermint oil on your skin, which doubles as a sweet perfume. This spreading perennial loves full to partial sun, making it perfect for many patios in our area.


Citronella is often dubbed the ‘mosquito plant’ by stores due to its reputation as a mosquito repellent. This plant does well in full sun, making it an essential stunning summer plant for Texas but unfortunately is not typically a perennial in the DFW area. Give this fella a thorough daily drink, but make sure he has the necessary drainage to not be in standing water.

Lemon grass

Lemon grass is frequently used as an ingredient in teas and soups. It is highly sought-after, not only for its zingy flavor, but also its bug repellent properties. These annual plants enjoy bright sun to light shade and need well drained soil. Make sure you leave them plenty of room because some varieties grow between three to five feet tall.


Marigolds are one of my favorite summer flowers for many reasons. These guys are so easy to grow and they bloom around eight weeks from seed making them an excellent flower to help peak children’s interest in gardening. They love full Texas sun and require a chance to dry out between watering. When it is time to water, do so at the base of the plants and give them a good soaking. Marigolds come in many stunning yellow to orange variations of patterns making them an eye catching centerpiece. These beauties also repel several kinds of vegetable munching insects and mosquitoes as well!


In the past I have had excellent luck with all of these plants, I would be very interested to hear trials and successes you all face with them in the comments! I wish a mosquito-bite -free summer to you all!


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