Mediocre Days

The most interesting part of depression to me, are the days that are… alright? It’s the mediocre days that are the best. Everyone is familiar with the symptoms of a downward spiral: The feeling of drowning in air, and pushing loved ones away. People talk about these things in hushed voices with worried eyes, but... Continue Reading →


Jack of the Lantern

Halloween is a holiday well steeped in tradition. There’s the obligatory trick or treating, mandatory costuming, and my very favorite- pumpkin carving! I thought this was just a fun way to release some tension, but I found out there are far more sinister origins. The tale of Jack O’Lantern hales from Ireland a long, long... Continue Reading →

The Salem Witch Trials

The time is fast approaching when everything turns to Halloween town, and I can’t wait! The costumes are fun, candy is awesome, and the decorations turn everything into a spooky wonderland. Naturally, there are people frightened by the ghost tales or the decor, but real life can be far more terrifying. What I find most... Continue Reading →

A Flight of Fancy

As a region with exceptional biodiversity existing in a must see Mediterranean climate, Mount Olympus has been the birthplace of a plethora of lore and legends. It’s fifty-two peeks and many deep gorges are well known to make up the highest mountain in all of Greece. The incredible flora and fauna are fawned over as... Continue Reading →

Heated Chakra Alignment Cleanse

I’ve been feeling like my chakras are out of wack lately, so what better time to share with ya’ll my cleansing-hot-realignment recipe. Many cultures have a tradition of utilizing heat such as sweat lodges or hot baths to have spiritual experience or build community. My long and storied culture is absolutely no different. This is... Continue Reading →

True Freedom and Pasta

My one overarching goal in life is to have enough money to buy an Olympic size swimming pool full of spaghetti and meatballs. Until I’m able to afford this, I have but one secondary overarching goal: to become the epitome of a minimalist-nomad-hippie. I obviously haven’t achieved this yet, but I’ve been working on and... Continue Reading →

Konjac Facial Sponge

From a young age, I suffered from skin problems but had little direction as to what would fix my acne. As I grew older, I started to exfoliate and use different face masks, which helped balance my issues to a point. However, the problem I started having with exfoliants was twofold; many tube exfoliants have... Continue Reading →

Easy Ice Cream

It’s about as hot as hell’s kitchen down here in Texas, so what better time than now to make some ice cream? Yes folks, with our own hands. You are the machine, so let’s get to it! You’ll need the following items and ingredients; One large and one small zip lock bag Approximately 20 ice... Continue Reading →

Parisian Date night

As per usual, I’ve made my quota of bad choices today. Everyone says that making time for a date night is a usually a very good choice in relationships, and every Tuesday my roomate and I set aside time for a meal. We get so busy, me with my no job, her with her no... Continue Reading →

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