DIY Human Trap

As most people know, I’m a fair-weather friend. It’s not that I don’t love and adore the people in my life, it’s that I absolutely despise cold weather. I fear stepping outside one day and having my body freeze solid like my heart already is. Imagine, what a disaster. Being stuck inside during the chilliest... Continue Reading →


The Necessity of Need

The sun rises in your back yard every day; you wrench it up from the depths each morning with your thoughts alone. Sitting on the back stoop, sipping on a cuppa joe- taking in the silent dawn. in the morning dew, A baby deer peeps between tall blades of grass in the manicured yard. Your... Continue Reading →

The Claribou

Like a touch from Midas himself, each continent has been gifted with a plethora of precious flora and fauna. Through changes in climate and occasional interference from mankind, some of these beautiful and unique animals have dwindled down to just handfuls.  Though those critters certainly are in dire straits, there is a particular branch of... Continue Reading →

Sayonara, Leg.

For the past few years I’ve had the very distinct pleasure of working in operating rooms across the country. I’ve worked with some mighty fine folk and experienced many things I never imagined I would when I was a wee lass. The first building block of most any training starts with a didactic portion involving... Continue Reading →

The Idiot Tax

Across America every day, thousands of people play the power ball lottery twice a week. Much more than just delinquent dilettantes who make choices willy-nilly. Nay, these folks carefully choose their lucky numbers after scouring from records of previous winners, emerging ever optimistic with six superbly special numbers. Perhaps the dawn greets their eager eyes... Continue Reading →

The Proposal

  This business proposal is prepared for the Department of Homeland Security by Harvey Love of Harvey Love and Co. The United States is in desperate need of superior border protection, especially considering certain events the DHS is certainly aware of. Discretion, blind tenacity, and mad karate skills are all qualities Harvey Love and Co.... Continue Reading →

Mediocre Days

The most interesting part of depression to me, are the days that are… alright? It’s the mediocre days that are the best. Everyone is familiar with the symptoms of a downward spiral: The feeling of drowning in air, and pushing loved ones away. People talk about these things in hushed voices with worried eyes, but... Continue Reading →

Jack of the Lantern

Halloween is a holiday well steeped in tradition. There’s the obligatory trick or treating, mandatory costuming, and my very favorite- pumpkin carving! I thought this was just a fun way to release some tension, but I found out there are far more sinister origins. The tale of Jack O’Lantern hales from Ireland a long, long... Continue Reading →

The Salem Witch Trials

The time is fast approaching when everything turns to Halloween town, and I can’t wait! The costumes are fun, candy is awesome, and the decorations turn everything into a spooky wonderland. Naturally, there are people frightened by the ghost tales or the decor, but real life can be far more terrifying. What I find most... Continue Reading →

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