Easy Ice Cream

It’s about as hot as hell’s kitchen down here in Texas, so what better time than now to make some ice cream? Yes folks, with our own hands. You are the machine, so let’s get to it! You’ll need the following items and ingredients; One large and one small zip lock bag Approximately 20 ice... Continue Reading →


Parisian Date night

As per usual, I’ve made my quota of bad choices today. Everyone says that making time for a date night is a usually a very good choice in relationships, and every Tuesday my roomate and I set aside time for a meal. We get so busy, me with my no job, her with her no... Continue Reading →

Nothing Hurts

For the past few years I’ve been working in the operating room in a variety of hospitals with a wide spectrum of surgical specialties. People undergoing anesthesia remind me of intoxicated friends; whatever base emotions that exist are magnified, be it fear, anger or what have you. Recently my favorite patients to work with have... Continue Reading →

Rock Bottom

Due to present circumstances I’ve gotten myself into, I’ve had more time for introspection than I’d like. Yes, I could take up knitting. Yes, I could run some bullshit marathon. However, I’ve made a conscientious decision to waste my own time worrying about possible future situations because I must really enjoy it. Being a young... Continue Reading →

Adventure Awaits

Last week I answered the call of the wild and hopped on a flight to Alaska to visit a friend I hadn’t seen for a few years. Part of me loves that adrenaline that comes along with being on the verge of taking a risk; it feels hot in my veins and tingles in my... Continue Reading →

Pour Up, Drank.

I consciously uncoupled myself from my job on Monday. So, in the spirit of things, let’s have a drink! My favorite alcoholic beverages are those that are refreshingly citrus filled, very cold, and have just a hint of sweetness. Classic Pimm’s 50ml Pimm’s liquor 150 ml lemonade Fruit of choice Garnish Mix in a high... Continue Reading →

Set My Heart Ablaze

On October 8th, 1871, a great fire raged through several square miles of Chicago. Popular opinion still blames Blaze O’Leary, a tenant of the O’Leary barn for an incident which sparked the horrific flames. The rumors state that Blaze knocked over a lantern, setting the barn afire, and eventually leaving a hundred thousand people homeless.... Continue Reading →

Coffee Scrub

Ever since I was a wee lass, I’ve had a taste for dark coffee. To keep up with my hectic schedule, I habitually drink several cups of coffee to kick start my day with a few additional ones sprinkled through the late afternoon for a pick-me-up. This month I’m trying to cut down on chasing... Continue Reading →


Mr. Hahn resettles his feathers and raises a claw to admire his gold ring in the sun light. He polishes it on one of the fine linen napkins. A lackadaisical yawn erupts from his beak, with about as much enthusiasm as a dead volcano. A wing span away Julian Schwein is seated, turning his jowls... Continue Reading →

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